Finding the best gifts for hunters in 2016 might seem hard at first — after all, it’s tough to choose a rifle or bow for a hunter — but it turns out that finding gifts for hunters is easier than you think. Why? There are all sorts of small pieces of gear that hunters need, use up, and want to try out — so check out 20 Stocking Stuffers for Hunters if you’re looking for something small.

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The best gifts for hunters include upgrades to old or worn out gear they already use. Binoculars are a prime candidate. Hard to go wrong with 10×42 versions. Start with Vortex Optics, highly recommended.

Here is another reason finding gifts for hunters who have everything is easier than you think: Sometimes a hunter already has a piece of gear . . . but they could actually use an upgrade. Here’s just one example: I know a buddy who has an old backpack that he modified to use for hauling out elk quarters when he’s far off the beaten path. Problem is, it’s falling apart. Boom, there’s your opening. In this situation, you could ask one of his hunting buddies for advice if there was a particular pack your hunter mentioned liking . . . or take advice from our 15 Best Gift Ideas for Hunters guide and get him a new can’t-go-wrong hunting pack.

There are other clues you can look for to find gifts for hunters. Has he complained about his binoculars? Have they fogged up on him, leading him to miss an opportunity? If he’s a duck hunter, are his boots leaking? Does he need a great set of hunting waders? If he is processing his own meat at home, say, making jerky, does he have a smoker? Would he like to get into smoking wild game . . . and start sharing it with friends and family over the holidays?

Has he missed a shot recently? If so, does he have a rangefinder?

Do you have a GoPro camera in the family? The GoPro Sportsman’s Mount would let him attach a GoPro action camera to his rifle, shotgun, or bow, giving him a new tool for sharing his hunting stories with his buddies and family members. So much time, effort, and outright love of wildlife go into his hunts . . . being able to share the experience of being out in the thick of it, the weather, the critters he marvels over — that’s a huge gift. In fact, a new GoPro HERO5 Black or HERO5 Session isn’t a bad choice at all — but an easier-to-use waterproof camera that has a small zoom lens is a great choice, too.

What if your hunter is a woman? Most of the hunting gifts still apply, of course, but check out camo hunting clothing for women — manufacturers are now making some high-quality gear cut specifically for women hunters.

In fact, there are so many great and unique gifts for hunters that we get all excited just thinking through the options!

For more detail, check out the guides below to find our 45 best gifts for hunters this year:

45 Best Gifts for Hunters 2016:


One of the coolest hunting gifts is a razor knife with replacement blades. We’re big fans of the affordable and excellent Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite.

The three guides to the best gift ideas for hunters in our linked lists above is where you’ll find our Man Makes Fire top 45 recommendations . . . but based on popularity, these hunter gifts below are rising stars for the 2016 gift giving season.

‘Hot’ Gifts for Hunters:

We’re seeing more activity than usual around these gifts for hunters:

Primos Bloodhunter HD Blood Trailing Light

hunting gifts trail lightFor hunters who hunt in the late afternoon and early evening, a blood trailing light is critical for helping them locate downed animals, especially in rough country with thick cover.

Out of stock? Cabela’s still has some available online.


Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe

hunter gifts axeWhat hunter doesn’t want a great axe? We don’t know any. The entire Fiskars axe lineup is generally fantastic — a modern take on a classic outdoors tool. We like the versatility of the 23.5-incher.


Firefield 5×50 Nightfall 2 Night Vision Monocular

hunting gift ideas night visionAs we mention in our first 15 gift ideas roundup, night vision is the most unnecessary hunting gift — but quite possibly one of the coolest. We’re seeing lots of interest in the Firefield Nightfall 2 this year.

Try the also great Night Owl 5x Nightvision Monocular if the Firefield is still out of stock.


Mossy Oak Deluxe Binocular Strap

hunter gifts binocular strapsOnce a hunter uses binocular straps, they’ll never go back to pouches or pockets. There are lots of binocular strap options, but most hunters can appreciate this Mossy Oak version. Makes a great stocking stuffer, too.



Knight & Hale Rack Mag Rattling System Deer Call

best hunting gifts deer rattleWe like natural antlers, of course, but this rattle system works great if you don’t have any antlers or need a compact system that you can throw in your hunting pack and always have on hand. They look funny but they actually work, and gift givers are snapping them up this year. (Read our how to rattle in big bucks post if you want to learn more.)

Hunters Specialties Folding Saw with Pouch

hunter gifts sawWhat’s so special about this folding saw? It includes two blades — one for branches and another for bone, which is exactly what hunters need in the field.



Carhartt Men’s Arctic Wool Heavy Boot Socks

hunting gifts socksHey, we know this isn’t the most creative hunting gift idea, but heck, these are damn fine socks — and gift givers this year seem to know how important a good pair of socks is to a hunter. There are other brands that are also great — as long as you get at least 60% merino wool — but most every hunter we know appreciates Carhartt fit and durability.


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Some of our favorite online retailers that always offer high-quality hunting gear:

Shop hunting gear at Bass Pro Shops and get FREE Shipping on orders over $75.

Shop Cabela’s Everyday Value lineup for great gear that’s always priced right.

Shop classic hunting jackets and gear at Orvis.

Shop L.L.Bean for high-quality hunting gear with the L.L.Bean legendary customer satisfaction guarantee.

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