THE BASIC IDEA of a smarthwatch isn’t so bad, but today’s implementations leave something to be desired. For starters, none of them seem worthy of shelling out hundreds of dollars just so you don’t have to pull your smartphone out of your pocket to see a message. There have been some good starts, but groundbreaking? No way. Besides, most adventure-loving  men I know — assuming they would bother with a watch at all — would error toward something like the Suunto Ambit2 or Core watch. Personally, I’m torn: I’m not obsessed with measuring things, and if I’m not near a clock . . . i.e. outside . . . I would prefer not to see a clock at all.

Either way, if you were thinking about getting one of today’s available smartwatches, particularly a Samsung Galaxy Gear, watch this video first. Consider yourself warned:

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  1. Erik Miller

    I think I have more issues with the commercial than with the watch.
    1. The commercial is about using stuff to impress a girl. lame
    2. Stalking (photographing and taking video of a girl). Bad.
    3. Putting down someone who doesn’t have a toy. lame again.

    The watch however might have a good use. I’m just not sure what it is yet. Turning on music on my phone from 5 ft away doesn’t qualify.

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