alps outdoorz commander pack review

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag Review

The ALPS Commander + Pack Bag rules the affordable heavy-load hunting pack space. The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag is a beast! I took the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Frame + Pack Bag through the...
panasonic ts25 review

Panasonic TS25 Review: Rugged Photos, Great Price

Adventure -- and to a lesser degree, life -- requires some ruggedness. Since you are here reading Man Makes Fire, I assume you have some type of adventure or adventurer in your life. Adventure usually has some...
alpen monocular 8x25

Alpen 8×25 Model 120 Monocular Review

I'm a fan of the monocular form factor because a monocular is small and light. If you have one, there's never a reason to leave it behind, so you can get that close-up view of a mountain goat on the side of a...
alpen shasta ridge binoculars

Alpen Shasta Ridge Binocular Review

A good pair of binoculars will open your eyes to a world you didn't know existed. With sharp and clear optics that let in a lot of light, suddenly the smudge a 1,000 yards away turns into a bedded down buck....
hunting with binoculars

Why You Need to Hunt with a Good Set of Binoculars

I've known a lot of guys who rely on their rifle scopes to act as their binoculars -- and I've been that guy myself. Unfortunately, your rifle scope isn't the safest way to check out something moving in the...
backpacking gear gift guide

11 More Best Gifts for Backpackers 2014

We had such a good time nailing down the 10 Best Gifts for Backpackers we just couldn't stop. Here's 11 more great gifts for backpackers -- and hikers -- that will help you find something perfect for your...
backpacking gear gift guide

10 Best Gifts for Backpackers 2014

You need gear to go backpacking, and backpackers need gifts, so here's the 10 best gifts for backpackers. Location of the photo? Ship Island Lake. This holiday season, we're here to help you find the best...
sjk slumberjack carbine 2500

SJK Carbine 2500 Hunting Backpack Review

The SJK Carbine 2500 tactical hunting backpack has been designed with versatility in mind -- it's big enough to carry a lot of gear but small and compressible enough to take anywhere. Plus, its pocket system...