If you’re afraid of heights, you might not want to watch this video of Adam Riemann ride his motorcycle along a high and narrow Himalayan trail carved from the sheer face of a cliff that plunges hundreds of feet straight down to a raging river.

Of course, lots of motorcycle riders can tool around single track trails in the forest at high speeds and never make a mistake that leads them astray. And lots of guys can walk across a 2×4 on the ground. Move it up 20 feet in the air and it’s a whole new challenge.

This particularl video is a butt-clenching experience when you watch it from the helmet cam perspective, but we have to say, it looks like an awe-inspiring place to explore — not to mention an amazing feat of engineering to create the narrow road in the first place. One commenter on YouTube identified it as the Kishtwar – Killar road if you wanted to research it.

In the meantime, kick back and watch:

And here’s some more to give some perspective for the whole trip that spawned the epic clip:


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