Go Bags - Adventure Quickly Without Hassle

Go Bags – Adventure More Often

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Go Bags – Adventure Quickly Without Hassle

Use ‘Go Bags’ to increase adventure opportunities, save time, maintain your sanity, and improve your sex life.

You have probably heard of bug out bags or get home bags.  These usually consist of the basic necessities for a slightly extended stay away from the comforts of your home. They also tend to be highly personalized.  One man’s bug out bag won’t work for a family of five and that family bag won’t work for the paranoid schizophrenic with the AK-47.  What will work for everyone is a series of ‘Go Bags’.  Go Bags are intended to get you from door to adventure or lifestyle activity as fast as possible, with the minimum amount of hassle needed for the activity.

A Go Bag fits the need.  Your first go bag was probably called a diaper bag.  Now, you’re getting the idea. I have perfected about eight go bags for my lifestyle, they are: office, multi-purpose quick adventure, basketball,  kids sport of the season, tennis, swimming, mountain biking, and kayaking.  The bags sole purpose is to get me from my door to the activity with everything I need in the least amount of time.

The multi-purpose quick adventure is used for almost every activity.  It is a small converted hydration pack that contains, first aid gear, hand sanitize, water bottles, fruit snacks, a multi-function tool, camera, and enough room for my phone and wallet. I’m taking this no matter which adventure we are on. So it has to be small and easy to move. When we do quick hikes, fast bike rides, runs to the park, essentially anything under two hours this pack works.

I play pickup basketball three times a week.  This means I have a basketball bag, which contains shoes, socks, shirt, underwear, deodorant, sport tape, knee band and has my membership card attached to the outside for easy access.  It only fits this much gear.

Kids seasonal sports.  Whenever, one of the kids starts a new sport I put together a bag for that sport. The bag contains, required shoes, shirts, socks, shorts, and equipment.

My latest “bag” is a new Kayak.  I’m working on turning the kayak into a pre-loaded adventure which holds everything needed for fun on the water. I will let you know how it goes.

To make these bags successful:

  1. Make refilling the bag after a trip a habit:  When I walk in the door from basketball, I empty the bag into the laundry and add a new set of cloths for the next day. Done, no thinking involved. The bag is always ready.  Same with the kids sports bags.
  2. Simple Bags work best: Looking into pockets for tools or gear is annoying. My bags tend to be a single hold, with a couple pockets and a way to add a water bottle.
  3. Put the bag in your path: Grabbing these on the way out the door is huge.  If you have to search or dig, you are defeating the purpose. I have a staging area for all bags.

Hopefully, your not still asking, “How does this improve my sex life?” If you are here you go.  If you execute on this you no longer have to look for gear, you no longer have to search endlessly for a dirty team jersey, no more rummaging the pantry for snacks, just  a smug confidence that you are ready to go.  That translates into less stress, more time, and priceless moments when your significant other is running behind and you have it covered every time.  Now, you’re that guy in the movies who is always ready for anything and women love that.

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