This photo shows the SEVENTY2 Survival System on a sandy beach.
Chris Maxcer

SEVENTY2 Survival System Emergency Kit Review

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The SEVENTY2 Survival System is a 72-hour survival kit packaged up in a waterproof backpack go-bag. Each tool and component of the kit is designed to meet some likely critical survival need in the event of a natural disaster in an urban area or a mishap off the beaten path.

More importantly, the SEVENTY2 survival kit comes with an excellent packaging system that’s designed so that almost anyone could use it under duress. To get Man Makes Fire a closer look, Uncharted Supply Company sent us a review unit. This is what we learned:

SEVENTY2 Survival System Emergency Kit Review

This photo shows the SEVENTY2 Survival System.
The key to the SEVENTY2 Survival System is the organized insert and waterproof backpack.

The heart of any survival kit is the components — the tools that make up the kit. At least, that was our previous working theory. On the other hand, the very best components are usually heavier, bulkier and far too costly to leave sitting idle in an emergency bag.

We use our ultralight tents for backpacking, our multitools for every outdoor adventure, and our headlamps and flashlights for everything from camping to home and auto repair. The problem is organization — most of our gear is scattered around getting used for specific purposes.

If there was a flood, a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, devastating forest fire, or more likely where we live, a massive snowstorm or washout in the road, our scattered gear is of little use. It’s not necessarily in our vehicles or even in one place at home.

The SEVENTY2 Survival System is designed to meet the need for a survival kit that you can simply buy and store in your car or home. Better yet, it’s also a great gift for high school graduates, employees, or any loved one who might face a massive weather event — and these days, that seems like pretty much everyone.

Seventy2 Survival Kit Review: Superior Organization

This photo shows the SEVENTY2 insert.
Each pocket in the SEVENTY2 insert is clearly labeled.

The key to the SEVENTY2 is its superior organization. Even if you’re a hardcore survivalist, your friends and family probably are not. They probably don’t know basic first aid — and you might be the one in need of assistance. Inside the backpack are organized gear pouches arranged on a foldable insert. The First Aid pouch, for instance, is red and has a clear + on it — it’s easily recognizable, even in poor light. On the back of the insert, Uncharted has printed tips on how to administer first aid.

This photo shows survival instructions printed on the SEVENTY2 insert.
Basic instructions are printed on the outside of the SEVENTY2 insert.

In addition, there are tips on what to eat and drink and how to protect yourself in various situations. It’s not totally comprehensive, of course, but it could go a long way toward helping someone remain calm and refocus their mind.

If you’ve never been lost in the woods, if you’ve never been thirsty and out of water, this isn’t meaningful to you right now. But if you have been lost, if you have been dehydrated, then you know what it’s like to feel a sense of panic sending unfocused adrenaline racing through your body. Everyone is different, but organization can have a calming effect — not to mention the tools you might need to keep you out of even more serious trouble.

The SEVENTY2 excels at survival kit organization.

Seventy2 Survival Kit Review: What’s Inside?

The SEVENTY2 Survival System includes:

  • Electronics — a 3-in-1 radio/flashlight/charger that can charge your smartphone through solar or crank charging
  • Air & Vision — an RZ M5 Air Filtration mask and goggles
  • Food — a pack of Datrex high-calorie food bars with a 5-year shelf life
  • Water — a large water bottle, a 2L collapsible water bottle, a Sawyer Water Filter
  • Light — flashlight, glow sticks, matches and a magnesium alloy fire starter
  • First Aid — a basic first aid kit, anti-bacterial wipes, sunscreen and a splint
  • Tools — a small multi-tool, duct tape, paracord, a small shovel/saw
  • Warmth/Shelter — a hat, gloves, larger hand warmers, a mylar thermal blanket, and a mylar survival tent

Of course, the backpack is waterproof, which means you can use it as a flotation device when it’s properly sealed with air locked inside. At the same time, you could use it to haul or store extra water. The sternum strap also includes a whistle to make it easier to signal for help.

This photo shows the survival gear content of the SEVENTY2 kit.
The contents are surprisingly comprehensive for the size and weight of the pack.

What should you add?

Uncharted can’t ship a lighter inside the package, so we’d add a lighter. We’d also add bandages to the first aid kit, along with extra doses of Tylenol and ibuprofen. For allergic reactions to bee stings and such, we like to add in some Benadryl Liqui-gels or better yet, children’s Benadryl chewables. While you can filter water, sometimes finding water can be tough — we’d add in several Datrex emergency water pouches. These small 4 oz bags can sit in a hot car and then freeze in the winter and they won’t break open. They tend to have a much longer safe shelf life than typical bottled water. Most everyone should keep a handful in their cars.

Seventy2 Survival Kit Review: Is It Worth It?

The SEVENTY2 Survival System is aimed at giving you what you need to survive for three days — 72 hours. Both FEMA and the Red Cross have recommended that everyone has a disaster survival kit that can help you get through a harrowing three days. Of course, if you have a family, one kit for one person isn’t necessarily enough — you might need to add additional components. Uncharted Supply Co sells refills, which means you could add components at the time of purchase or after you end up using something up.

All that said, the SEVENTY2 Survival System is a solid kit that covers the basics in a super user-friendly way. The waterproof backpack is an impressive survival tool in and of itself. As for the backpack’s adjustability, the shoulder straps adjust well to handle small-to-large torsos, but the hip belt isn’t particularly great — it’s too high for most grown men to take any weight, so think of it more as a stability belt to help keep the pack from bouncing if you’re running or scrambling around.

This photo shows the whistle on the sternum strap on the SEVENTY2 backpack.
Uncharted Supply Company doesn’t forget the details: The sternum strap includes a signal whistle and the insert includes semi-rigid panels that can be used as splints for broken bones.

Is it worth it? Definitely, and here’s why: While most people could build their own survival kits, very few people ever get around to actually doing it. I have all of this gear already around the house, but where is it? Scattered everywhere, which is no good in the face of an immediate survival situation, never mind if I get caught stranded in a vehicle. What would be worse is if a loved one got stranded. In this sort of situation, the SEVENTY2 Survival System really starts to shine. Instead of a bag haphazardly stuffed with gear, the insert organizes the contents so that most anyone can transition from initial panic to a smarter survival strategy. Highly recommended.

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