Where is your weekend headed?
Where is your weekend headed?

5 Tips To Fire Up Weekends

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Where is your weekend headed?
Where is your weekend headed?

Hopefully you have noticed a huge theme in my blog posts: Weekends are not for chores! Now I want to add another theme: Weekends are not 1 activity plans. When I ask guys, “What are you doing this weekend?” and the reply is “I’m going to watch the game!” My thought is: “and what else?” I like “The game” as much as every other guy, but realistically, if I include tailgating, cooking, drinking, and lounging around I’m looking at taking up four hours max of my weekend. That leaves a lot of room for adventure.

Tip 1. Friday night counts. This is gathering night. All that is needed is a little initiative. Head to the local brew fest before it gets over run, try that new eatery, whatever your choice, generally speaking, everyone is available after the kids high school football game for a couple of hours. Take advantage of this.

Tip 2. Sleeping in is overrated. The morning is great for a quick fishing, hunting, mountain bike ride or kayaking expedition. If your on the water or in the mountains by 9 am you can have a great adventure and be back by early afternoon. Hopefully, you will be physically tired and ready to watch the game.

Tip 3. Adventure with or without your family. The kids and wife need some adventure as well. If you have a family, you shouldn’t be the prominent figure in every adventure. Some adventures you should be the supporting caste. I often don’t even get to fish on some of our fishing adventures. I cut lines, land fish, untangle knots, give my rod up, and I love it. The perfect balance seems to be one adventure on my own to two adventures with the family over a weekend. If I can squeeze in a wine tasting with just the wife, even better.

Explore to find uniqueness!
Explore to find uniqueness!

Tip 4. Multi-Adventure trips. I have a hunting trip coming up soon. The main event is the deer hunt. However, the scouts have found good duck hunting and fishing lakes. The location is also a possibility for bear hunting. Now that is one hell of a weekend adventure if I come back with deer, duck, fish and a bear story.

Tip 5. Sunday is a day to recharge ones self – not a day of sitting on your ass. I use to have it in my mind that I was suppose to lay around the house on Sundays, maybe weed the garden. Screw that! I don’t feel recharged after doing chores or watching TV. I feel recharged after firing off a few rounds, reaching the top of a mountain, or teaching my kids a new skill.

    To get your next weekend fired up:

Forget about the chores!
Plan adventures!
Involve your family!
Get some self time!
Steal your wife away!
Use the time don’t blow it!

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