If you’re a hunter, you’ve seen deer slip away through thick brush and timber while making little noise. Or cruise up steep hillsides while feeding. And you’ve likely followed a game trail or two — but after a light dusting of new snow, we suddenly saw an extensive network of game trails appear on the other side of the canyon in an area that normally seems far more barren. Obviously the deer traverse the far side of the canyon — but it’s not as random as it might appear otherwise.

Hunting tip? Look for patterns when you see trails, places where more than one trail leads and converges. If you see a spot where five trails crisscross or converge, there might be a salt lick or previously unrealized geographic funnels that guide deer.

Check out the video and the photos below:


deer trail networks

Deer trails illuminated by a dusting of snow.

deer trails in snow

Trails that you could not see before suddenly “pop out” with just a little snow.

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