I know you’re thinking there is no possible way between work, wife, kids, house, and football that you can cram quality adventure into the slightly less-than-exciting lifestyle you already have.

Yes, you can. I have two words for you: Traditional Adventure.

Last year myself and one buddy got together to do the Warrior Dash in Oregon. The adventure race is an alternative to triathlons, cause races, and or just general running. Something by the way that I do not do, running, it is just not my thing. However, adventure racing is. You usually run a little to an obstacle such as jumping cars, climbing over towers, wobbly table tops, mud pits, dark tunnels, fire, and barb wire fencing. Generally, at the end there is beer, food, and music. These races contain essentially what you need for adventure, an element of something unknown, physical activity, comradeship, and as an extra bonus, rewards.

We had such a good time before, during, and after the race that we made it tradition on the spot, a guaranteed good time once every year. This is prefect, traditions like Thanksgiving and Halloween are planned in advance, you know what you need, and there is no opting out. As easy as signing up for a race I have one adventure handled; now I just need 364 more. Another good thing about adventure as a tradition is that you can grow it. Last year only myself and my friend ran Warrior Dash, this year the two of us and a few friends, I expect that we will continue to grow this into something great and can not wait for my kids to be old enough to run the race.

Your first race, easy: search up “adventure racing” in your area. Most likely there are at least four in your area each year. Pick the one you can get a friend to and that looks adventurous. Put it on the calendar, sign up for it, and that is it. Now you are locked in. Once you drop $40 on an adventure your more likely to go especially if a friend is depending on you. You know psychological factors and all.

Training is up to you. Personally, I don’t train for anything. I do things because they are fun for me not because I want to win or contend. However, many people train for these things so consult your doctor or licensed trainer. Also, these types of runs generally bring out a fun crowd, many running in costumes.

Your steps now: Search it, Friend it; Pay it; Attend it: repeat.

About The Author

Less talking and more doing. Focusing my lifestyle on rhythms and adventures, I would rather build than buy, reason than fight, and participate than watch. I appreciate friends, relaxation, athletics, and the outdoors. Bring it, but bring it without anger. I don't do chores on the weekend! You will find me on the peak, in the water, on the trail, in the gym, and next to the camp fire.

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