Yahoo! Sports has a highlights reel of the Mayweather vs Guerrero fight.

Boxing is a storied and notoriously tough sport. I wonder though, if it weren’t for Showtime and Pay Per View, would the sport continue to survive or die off? Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights are often more exciting and fast paced. Boxers no longer have the bare knuckle battles of old and the last heavyweight with a true household name was Mike Tyson. However, if boxing can produce fighters that go 44-0 and have payouts of $43 million then maybe there is hope.

As for the Mayweather vs Guerrero fight itself, here’s the quick overview:

  • Rounds 1-3: Some good shots but mostly both fighters getting a feel for each other.
  • Rounds 4-6: Guerrero gets in one good combination each round but Mayweather takes the rounds with consistent hits.
  • Round 7: Guerrero pushes the fight but it looks like Mayweather knows he is going to win at this point.
  • Round 8-12: Mayweather cuts Guerrero and starts picking him apart with big shots.
  • Mayweather wins. MMA maestro Dana White Tweets: “Brutal, I shoulda stayed home.”

Mayweather later commented, “I feel bad for the fans I didn’t get the knockout I was looking for tonight, but I hurt my right hand, probably midway through the fight.”


Hats off to Showtime for keeping boxing alive.

My thoughts on that: “Don’t take a year off and maybe you won’t hurt your hand, and yes, you should have knocked him out.”

I don’t know any guys who don’t imagine throwing a few punches themselves when they watch a great boxing match, so here’s a couple of boxing tips to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Like poker-playing gamblers, boxers have tells. There are two types: universal and idiosyncratic. Universal tells are the moves every fighter has to make to throw a punch, such as hip rotation. Idiosyncratic tells are specific to each fighter — for instance, how they react to a jab or the way they throw the same combinations. Since idiosyncratic tells are usually left to the professionals, look at the hips, shoulders, and eyes to help you predict an inexperienced opponent’s next move.

Tip 2: Taking and landing punches looks really cool, which is why we see it on TV all the time. However, receiving punches can hurt like hell and is not a great way to win a fight. Defense is helpful. Angle your arms and body to deflect rather than absorb punches. Glancing blows keep the full force of the punch away from you and can open your opponent up for counter punches. Mayweather appears to be a master of this tip, even at 36.

The history of boxing is a great read and Mayweather is still writing his story. I wonder if, like Muhammad Ali, will Mayweather’s opponents look back in their past and see their fight as one of the greatest moments in their life?

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