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There are moments in our lives that seem to pass by with little or no notice at all. Common everyday things happen that our conscious minds don’t even bother to register. A car passes us on the road, a bird flies over our heads, a wave rolls into the beach, we pass by a sign on the road. We simply don’t remember those moments because they don’t matter enough to take up the space in our memory chip.

There are also those moments that capture our full attention. Our minds hone in on all the details creating an image in our heads that is unforgettable. A beautiful woman smiles at you for the first time, you land a large fish, or you break your leg in a bike wreck. These moments may become a personal memory, or a story we tell again and again.

If we don’t have enough of these unforgettable moments we can’t remember anything that happened last Tuesday. Our lives, for the most part become forgettable.

There are ways that we can stop this from happening. Make a memory out of everyday of your life.

Get off your cell phone. Get off your couch. Make a memory.

Walk down a street or a trail that you have never taken. Look at things around you with new attention to detail. Listen so closely you can hear every different bird, footstep, or cricket. Make the noise around you make sense.

Feel the wind direction with your face, and like an animal keep it in your favor.

Take a picture of something that you take for granted. Zoom in to fine detail and notice something special about it.

Like every rock, blade of grass, or tree, every day has something about it that makes it unique and memorable.

Adventure and drama certainly stick with us, like our first fist fight, but everything else in life doesn’t have to be mundane and ordinary. Make your life something to remember.

Make each day unforgettable.

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