ONE OF THE more interesting new subcompact conceal carry pistols to hit the market this year is coming from Remington — yes, Remington. The new handgun is the R51, a 9mm +P that is designed with an easy point-and-shoot grip with low muzzle rise.

Remington says they designed the R51 to excel in situations where you’re under stress, billing the R51 as a reinvention of the subcompact with a “point instinctively, recover instantly” message.

The aluminum frame is smooth and curvy to avoid snags. The base model should ship in the first quarter of 2014 at a retail price around $420. A second model that includes a special-built Crimson Trace Laser Guard will go for about $609.

Prior to the R51, Remington’s most recent foray into handguns is its 1911 R1 .45 Auto series.

Check out the video for an excellent overview of the R51:

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