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Epic Black Friday and Beyond Gear Deals

There are tons of insane gear deals hitting right now, some of which you can nab immediately and some of which you'll need to wait until Black Friday to take advantage of. Others will roll through the weekend w...
backpacking day hikes

Backpacking Strategy: Base Camps and Day Hikes

Backpacking Strategy: Base Camps and Day Hikes Here's a strategy you can use to get more out of your backpacking adventures -- the concept of base camps and day hikes. It's super simple, but when you're pla...
alpen monocular 8x25

Alpen 8×25 Model 120 Monocular Review

I'm a fan of the monocular form factor because a monocular is small and light. If you have one, there's never a reason to leave it behind, so you can get that close-up view of a mountain goat on the side of a c...