This photo shows the YETI Nordic Purple M30 Soft Cooler with sea urchins near it.

YETI Heads North with New ‘Nordic’ Color Collection

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YETI is already known for making the highest quality coolers, drinkware, and even camp chairs, but the company is consistently shaking up its line with bright new color options.

For summer, YETI has launched a new ‘Nordic‘ color collection that features rich hues inspired by the wild at the world’s north edge.

What’s the point? If you’re looking for new YETI gear and these colors speak to you, act now or you’ll lose out — YETI’s strategy is to deliver limited edition colors, and once they’re sold out, they’re gone.

This photo shows the YETI Nordic Purple M30 Soft Cooler with sea urchins near it.
YETI new color collection for summer features a Nordic-inspired purple and blue.

Case in point? King Crab Orange. It was similar to a bright hunter orange, but it wasn’t harsh — it was surprisingly rich in tone. It, of course, sold out.

We still miss that color. Other YETI color collections have sold out, too, like last year’s Fall Color Collection. But that, of course, is YETI’s plan. It’s one of the ways dominant brands keep things fresh: YETI has proven that you don’t have to be a shoe company like Nike to use this strategy.

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This photo shows YETI coolers and drinkware in the Nordic Blue color option.
YETI’s new limited-edition Nordic Blue now spans most of YETI’s lineup.

Either way, we’re fans of vibrant colors at Man Makes Fire. We believe that color can evoke feelings and memories, and when that’s tied to great outdoor experiences, we’re all in. When we have a choice, we tend to pick vibrant colors.


YETI’s Nordic Colors Span 80+ Items

YETI’s Nordic Collection aims to celebrate the experiences that go on under Aurora Borealis, from exploring glacial caves to surfing in the frigid Nordic Seas.

This photo shows the YETI Nordic purple and blue color options.
YETI’s new Nordic colors of summer. . . .

While some previous color collections have been limited to the most popular items — like the YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler, read our full Roadie 24 review here — the new colors are coming in a whopping 80+ items. As expected they include drinkware, hard coolers, soft coolers, buckets, lunch boxes and YETI’s rugged dog bowls.

Even the new Crossroads 35L Backpack is available in Nordic Purple — and the result is so good it makes us consider the Crossroads pack as potential gifts for the ourtdoorsy women in our lives.

The depth of color options among so many items — offered with excellent fidelity through so many products with so many different materials — represents an impressive leap forward in YETI’s color strategy.

This photo shows a woman near a northern sea carrying a Nordic Blue YETI Camino Carryall tote bag with a surf board.
While YETI’s seasonal colors will pass, the rugged gear will last for years.

In any event, the point remains: If the colors speak to you, act soon and you can take the YETI gear outside for years to come.

Shop the entire Nordic Color Collection at YETI and get FREE Shipping on orders over $20!


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