slumberjack big tall steel chair review
Chris Maxcer

Slumberjack Big Tall Steel Chair Review

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The Slumberjack Big Tall Steel Chair is for big and tall people. A lot of camping chairs and lawn chairs just aren’t built that strong, which means that bigger guys risk breaking breaking them. Crashing through a chair is one thing, but getting a shard of chair support in the back of your leg is even worse.

As it turns out, our Slumberjack Big Tall Steel Chair review is pretty straightforward: If you’re a big and tall guy, this chair is for you.

The Slumberjack Big Tall Steel Chair Review

For starters, the seat height is 23 inches, which makes this almost like a director’s chair — you’re sitting up higher than your standard camp chair. This is great for watching kids play at sporting events where the parents bring lawn chairs for the sidelines. It’s also handy for those guys who might have a little trouble getting out of low-slung camp chairs.

As for comfort, the room is the key here. There’s plenty of space for a large backside and the stretched canvas-like polyester seat has just enough give to be comfortable. Same for the back.

It’s not a lounge camp chair, though, because it’s oriented more upright. The built-in foot rest gives you a few more angles of body adjustment, though, which helps a guy find a comfortable position as you hang out around the campfire.

For travel, the Big Tall Steel Chair folds down the middle into a slim rectangle. The design makes it easy to slip into the back of a packed pickup truck, but you’re still looking at finding a space for a 21 x 39-inch rectangle. This isn’t exactly a pro or a con because the whole point of this chair is to be big, strong, and tall enough to handle a big person.

And the Slumberjack Big Tall Steel Chair excels at that job.

If you’re looking for a high-capacity camp chair — but not a tall camp chair — check out the Slumberjack Big Steel Chair. This chair has the same basic capacity and construction but it’s 18-inch seat height is five inches lower than the tall version.

The only downside to these two chairs is that you need to use them on fairly flat ground. Because the bottom support beams are low to the ground, the chairs don’t go over exposed roots or larger rocks as well as light-weight designs that use more isolate legs and feet. On the flip side, a 300-pound guy isn’t going to be sitting on a light-weight chair anyway. Pick a flat spot and you’ll be fine. On flat ground, the Slumberjack design is very sturdy.

All-in-all, if you’re a big and tall guy, this chair is for you. If you have a big and tall guy in your family who shows up for family gatherings and needs a big chair, well, this chair is for you, too.

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