This photo shows the Coleman Cascade 222 two-Burner Camping Stove with a coffee pot and pancake during the testing and review process.

Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove Review

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The Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove is a big upgrade to the popular Coleman Classic Camp Stove. This year, Coleman has created new lines of higher quality camping gear designed with an eye toward revitalizing the brand’s style. The new ‘Cascade’ line features an all-new outdoorsy ‘Hickory Moss’ green and higher quality components.

To get us a closer look, Coleman sent Man Makes Fire a review unit. After testing the Coleman Cascade 222 Two-Burner Camping Stove while camping this summer during the review process, this is what we learned:

Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camp Stove Review

Coleman makes many different camp stoves styles and versions that run on multiple fuel sources, and the much older budget-friendly Coleman Classic Camp Stove has long been our top pick in our guide to the best camping stoves. The Classic has a great price-to-value ratio but it’s not exactly refined. The new Coleman Cascade Two Burner Camping Stove does pretty much everything better than the Coleman Classic.

This photo shows a pancake cooking on the Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove during the testing process.
The new Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove features a fresh look and upgraded build quality.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new ‘Hickory Moss’ green. It’s a subdued color, but it looks good. The next thing you’ll notice is the latch — it’s awesome. So many competitive camp stoves fail miserably with their chintzy latch constructions, but not Coleman with its new Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove. The latch is burly and feels solid and secure.

You’ll appreciate the latch when you use the stove’s built-in recessed carry handle, too.


New Build Quality

This photo shows the interior of the Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove.
New paint with a matte-like finish, improved knobs, aluminized easy-clean drip pan, and a rugged latch!

Overall, Coleman delivers a very good build quality throughout — definitely competitive with other stoves in its price range.

The steel doesn’t have any unfinished sharp edges like many inexpensive camp stoves.

The chrome plated grate is one piece and pops easily off for fast cleaning. Better yet, Coleman aluminized the steel cooktop with a slightly slick finish that makes it easy to clean up spills.

The knobs are large and knurled for good texture, and the electronic ignition knob rotates to light the burners. Why is a matchless rotation ignitor a good thing? Sometimes the push button kind can get sticky over time and pushing on your camp stove on a camp table sometimes leads to knocking things off when the stove slides. It’s a very minor detail, but the stove isn’t moving with a rotary ignitor.

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Great Flame Control

The biggest drawback to the older Coleman Classic Camp Stove is the fuzzy knobs for flame control. The new Coleman Cascade, on the other hand, is much more precise. It’s easy to adjust the temperature and even simmer with a very low flame.

For output, the Cascade puts out 22,000 total BTUs of cooking power. That means each burner puts out 11,000 BTUs. Most tabletop camp stoves, including the Coleman Classic, put out about 20,000 BTUs total. In our Cascade power test, we had no problem quickly boiling a large pot of water to make corn on the cob.

This photo shows the burners on the Coleman Cascade 222 Two-Burner Camping Stove lit.
The burners deliver a combined 22,000 BTUs.

The Cascade also does reasonably well in moderate wind. The Cascade wind shields are not as large as the original Classic wind shields. A bit smaller, they are L-shaped. They still retain the adjustable wire clips that let you adjust angle, which is a benefit.

Burn time is about 1-hour on high using standard, readily-available 1-pound propane bottles. How long does that last in real-world conditions? We rarely run two-burners on high at the same time while camping, and you probably won’t either. If we’re not boiling a big pot of water, we run the burners on medium to low. In general, we can usually get through a weekend camping trip cooking dinners and breakfasts (and coffee) for 4-7 campers without using a full 1-pound propane bottle (even though we always take a spare).


Competitive Options & Alternatives

There are dozens of tabletop camp stove options available in 2022, including single-burner and triple-burner stoves. If you’re considering the Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove, these alternative options might also work for you:

Coleman Cascade 3-in-1 Camping Stove — The Cascade 3-in-1 Camping Stove is very similar to the Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove. The 3-in-1 version, however, includes a cast-iron square griddle and a square grill. In addition, the key difference is the grates — the 3-in-1 uses cast-iron grates instead of chromed steel. The remaining specs and build quality are nearly the same, but the burners put out 24,000 total BTUs. Why choose the 3-in-1 version? For about $40 more, you get the square griddle and grill that perfectly fit your stove and maximize your cooking space.

Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove — Not to be confused with the previous generation Coleman Classic Camp Stove, the new Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove . . . gets a Cascade-style refresh. It’s not quite as powerful or refined, but it’s still budget-friendly and now includes a rotary ignition, too.

Coleman 1900 Collection 3-in-1 Propane Stove — Coleman’s new 1900 Collection uses a rich black and gold color scheme to evoke an ageless design, but the stove itself is the same as the Cascade 3-in-1 . . . just with cool 1900 Collection colors. Choose the 1900 Collection version if the black/gold design is worth an extra $20 or so to you.

Camp Chef Everest 2X Camp Stove — The Camp Chef Everest 2x Camp Stove doesn’t look as pretty as the new Coleman camp stoves, but it is a workhorse. Its regulator and high-pressure burner design pump out a whopping 20,000 BTUs . . . per burner for a total of 40,000 BTUs. Like we mentioned above when discussing the Cascade Camping Stove BTU output, we rarely need this kind of power, but if you do, the Camp Chef Everest 2X Camp Stove is for you.


The Bottom Line

All-in-all, the Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camping Stove represents a fresh new look from Coleman, as well as a few key improvements. We’re fans of the new knobs and much improved simmer control, as well as the bomber latch and easy-clean design. Very highly recommended.

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Coleman Cascade 2-Burner Camp Stove
Updated quality throughout
Good flame control
Outstanding rugged latch (and built-in recessed handle)
Regulator fits inside the stove for transport . . . but can still rattle during movement


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