This photo shows a skier wearing the SPY Legacy Snow Goggle while outside on the ski slopes.

SPY Legacy Snow Goggle Review: ‘Monster View’

- Field-tested -

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The SPY Legacy snow goggles blend a throwback oversized style with interchangeable lenses that deliver an ultra-wide field of view.

To get us a closer look, SPY sent Man Makes Fire a review unit. This is what we learned:

SPY Legacy Snow Goggles Review

SPY is a relatively small and independent southern-California company that’s been producing sunglasses and goggles since 1994. Aside from the fun-loving design acumen you see in the company’s sunglass and goggle styles, SPY’s claim to fame is its trademarked ‘Happy Lens’ technology. The Happy Lens tech lets in good long-wave blue light while filtering out harmful UV and short-wave blue light.

This photo shows the SPY Legacy snow goggles on a skiing helmet.
The SPY Legacy Snow Goggles come in a wide variety of lens color options — and include a secondary lens in a complimentary tint, too.

SPY says the long-wave blue light can create a positive physiological uplift in mood and alertness. So does it work?

I have no idea. I managed to wear these goggles twice last year on the slopes before the ski hills closed down due to coronavirus concerns. Did I feel better than usual while wearing the Legacy goggles? Hard to say because, let’s face it, I was already pretty damn happy about being out skiing.

Update: I wore the SPY Legacy goggles over several days this season and . . . I still don’t know if the Happy Lens tech made me happier than normal. But I must admit, it was damn nice to get outside on the hill!

What about fit? Performance? Style and the interchangeable lenses?

Fit & Style

The key thing you need to know about the SPY Legacy goggles is the fit and style — they tend to fit medium-to-large faces best. In addition, the lens is huge, so if you choose the Legacy, you should be willing to go with the gonzo style.

Speaking of style, SPY offers the Legacy in a wide variety of band patterns and lens colors and types. You should be able to find the type of lens and color that fits your personality and preferences.

As for me, I have a larger face so the fit is great. And the style? Who cares! Once you put on the Legacy Snow Goggle, the field of view is so wide and fantastic you won’t care what you look like.

The Monster View

One thing you’ll likely appreciate about the Legacy is the overall field of view — the peripheral view is very good, but perhaps even better is the vertical view — it’s also expansive.

Does this extra bit of view make you a better skier? Not likely, but it does give you a more panoramic experience of the beauty around you. I must admit, I liked the monster view more than I thought I would.


Interchangeable Lenses

SPY uses its ‘Lock Steady’ quick-change lens system — and it’s easy to use. The lenses have a connection point at either end, one of which has a lever-type lock mechanism that snaps into place.

The lenses are dual-lens constructed with an anti-fog treatment and streamlined frame venting. Over the days I have skied the SPY Legacy goggle, I’ve seen mixed sunshine and clouds, ranging from bluebird skies to full cloud cover. The temperature and humidity has also varied widely. In normal use, I haven’t had any fogging of the lenses — but on occasion while masking up for COVID-19 protocols at the lift lines, the mask caused some fogging. Once you get moving on the lift, that clears out fast.

This photo shows the foam on the SPY Legacy Snow Goggle.
The foam is comfortable.

SPY includes a second lens with each Legacy goggle — from most of the options, you’ll choose from a generally all-purpose tint that’s paired with a low-visibility tint. On the one bright bluebird day I skied the Legacy, the Trailblazer Green tint was surprisingly comfortable. A darker lens would have been fine, too, but I definitely appreciated not needed to swap lenses when the weather shifted to cloud cover.

The triple-layer Isotron face foam has a moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece, which is designed to help absorb sweat to reduce the chances of the lens fogging up. It’s comfortable and fits well. The temples have small notches in the foam to allow you to wear prescription eyeglasses.

As for lens quality, the lenses are crisp, clear and have no discernible distortion — excellent, actually.

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The Verdict

All-in-all, the SPY Legacy Snow Goggles are joyfully large. If you have a full-size face and want a full-size vista, the Legacy is for you. The interchangeable lens system is secure and super easy to use. Highly recommended.

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SPY Legacy Snow Goggles
Panoramic field of view through crisp and clear lenses
It's easy to swap out the lenses
Many lens tint and goggle color combinations available
Fit is best for larger faces (but doable for some average sizes)
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