This image shows the SJK Rail Hauler 2.0 backpack in a field.

SJK Rail Hauler 2.0 Hunting Pack Review

The SJK Rail Hauler 2.0 by Slumberjack is a stout hunting backpack aimed squarely at helping you haul big loads. It’s lightweight but burly, built around an anodized aluminum frame. It’s versatile, comfortable ...
first elk bow hunting

Learning to Bow Hunt: First Elk with a Bow

My buddy Mike grew up bow hunting for elk. He and his dad hunted together many years, and he shared lots of stories of getting bulls excited during the rut, which is during August and September, depending on te...
plano parallel bow case review

Review: Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Right after you acquire your first bow, you're going to realize that you're missing something: a case. If your new bow is a compound hunting bow -- and you plan to go hunting -- you're going to need to protect ...