This photo shows the new limited edition Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boot 'No Pebble Mine' edition.

Korkers Teams with Trout Unlimited to Help Protect Bristol Bay, Alaska

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Korkers has teamed with Trout Unlimited on a new limited-edition ‘No Pebble Mine’ Devil’s Canyon Wading Boot (which happens to be one of our favorite wading boots). The aim is to raise awareness and support for the permanent protections of Bristol Bay, which is home to the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery and is considered a crown jewel in the sport fishing and hunting industry.

In 2020, the key federal permit for the proposed open pit copper and gold ‘Pebble’ mine was denied to the Pebble Limited Partnership as the proposal failed to meet Clean Water Act standards and was “contrary to public interest.” Because it was proposed near the headwaters of Bristol Bay, many anglers deemed the risk to the fishery far too high to support mining operations in the area.

This photo shows the Korkers 'No Pebble Mine' Devil's Canyon - Limited Edition wading boots.
If you buy these boots, Korkers will send 35% of profits to Trout Unlimited to help promote more durable protections for Bristol Bay — and you’ll get a free 1-year Trout Unlimited Membership with your purchase.

Now local fishing business owners, tribes and commercial fishermen are calling for permanent protections for the region to ensure that Pebble — or any other mining company — doesn’t come back in the future to start the fight anew.

To learn more about the Pebble mine proposal and more durable protections for the future, check out Trout Unlimited’s Bristol Bay page.

Special Edition Boots

The limited edition Korkers Devil’s Canyon wading boots feature bright orange stitching and a no ‘Pebble Mine’ red circle with a slash graphic design. Korkers will donate 35% of profit to Trout Unlimited to fund Trout Unlimited’s efforts to raise awareness among anglers to threats to the sockeye salmon fishery in Bristol Bay.

In addition, customers who buy the limited edition boots will get a free 1-year Trout Unlimited Membership.

As for the boots, the Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots are featured in our guide to the best wading boots. They deliver a fantastic blend of lightweight agility with surprisingly good ankle support. The BOA lacing system is a bonus, as are the Korkers Omnitrax interchangeable sole system. We’re big fans of the Devil’s Canyon boots.

Check out our full Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots Review for more detail — and to learn about the Korkers interchangeable sole system.

Oh, one more thing: Go to the Korkers web site here to buy the limited edition boots. There are only 400 pairs available in this promotion, so hop to it if you’re on board with the boots and protecting Bristol Bay.

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