This photo shows the Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top XL Table outside.

Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top XL Camp Table Review

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The Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table is a big but lightweight and packable camping table.

I choose the Heavy-Duty Roll-Top XL Table after a camping trip where I realized that two medium-sized tables just wasn’t enough room for a multi-family camping trip.

At 56″ x 28″ inches, the Mountain Summit Gear XL Table offers nearly five feet of cooking and eating space. Better yet, it packs down to about the size of a typical camp chair: 34.5″ x 9″ x 6″. Most large camping tables tend to pack down into larger sizes. For car camping and 1-day outings, the Mountain Summit Gear Roll-Top XL Table packs down better than most other tables near its size.

Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table Review

This photo shows the Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table set up outside near a lake.
The Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table has an awesome 56 inches of camp table space.

For me, the most important element in a camping table is the material — the frame and legs should be made from aluminum so that it’s lightweight and strong. Next, the surface should be metal so you can cook on top of it, if not quickly set a hot pan on top of it if needed.

Synthetic surfaces melt. The Mountain Summit Gear table is aluminum, which is perfect.

Next, a roll-top design is pretty hard to beat. Some foldable tables that have two halves are pretty good, but a roll-top table has good stability and excellent packability. So, roll-top design. Check.

Finally, adjustable legs are great, but not a deal-breaker. The Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table does not have adjustable legs. As you know, I bought it anyway.

I haven’t been disappointed.

Ingenious Twist on a Standard Design

There are many versions of roll-top camping tables, many of which share eerily similar designs. I’m not sure who’s been copying whom . . . or if any patents have been expired or if camping table inventors have simply given up on trying to protect their innovations.

Either way, the basic elements of the Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table are found in the Large version, too. As it turns out, KingCamp makes a 42″ long version of the same basic table, among some other manufacturers I’ve never heard of. Then I found a Eureka! version, which I almost bought. Eureka! makes great tents including the excellent Boondocker, and it’s a company we trust to make great gear.

The point is, all of these products look eerily similar. Basically the frame and legs expand and lock with similar designs and components. They all use pins to secure the roll-top sections.

The key difference is that the Large version from Mountain Summit Gear gives you 47 inches of tabletop length while some of the others are only 42″. Plus, the X-Large brings the aforementioned 56″ of length. As for the X-Large, the extra weight and packed size increases are nominal.

So the X-Large is totally worth it. Because most camping tables are smaller, the Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table makes a great camping gift for campers who seem to have everything.

Other Options?

Of course, another option entirely is to buy two REI Co-op Camp Roll Tables and scoot them together while camping. I considered this strategy, but it’s difficult to get two tables to line up at the seam on uneven ground. That makes the space slightly less usable.

If you consider other longer camp tables, pay close attention to the packed size. The Extra Large Alps Mountaineering Dining Table, for example, is 55″ x 28″. It’s packed size is still 55″ long. That’s a good 20″ longer than the Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top XL Table.

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The Verdict

Let’s get to the point: The Mountain Summit Gear Heavy-Duty Roll-Top X-Large Table is one of the best camping tables you can buy. Why? It’s bigger than most camp tables but it remains very packable with a light carry weight of just 16 lbs 8 oz. Highly recommended.

Get the Gear:

Mountain Summit Gear Roll-Top XL Camp Table
56" length makes camp cooking and dining easier
Lightweight but packable
Aluminum surface is better than synthetics
No real cons
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