This photo shows a fly fisherman wading in a river while wearing the Simms Flyweight Waders.
Photo: Simms

Simms Launches New ‘Flyweight’ Waders & Gear Collection

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Simms has launched an innovative new Made-in-America fishing wader as well as a new line of lightweight, modular fly fishing gear called the ‘Flyweight’ collection.

The Flyweight collection is Simms’ new fishing system designed for fly fishers who like to stay agile, nimble, and aren’t afraid of covering ground to find fish in spots far from the beaten path. Let’s take a closer look:

Introducing the Flyweight Collection

In some ways the new Flyweight gear would seem to be led by the Simms Flyweight Waders, but the first ‘Flyweight’ gear came with the introduction of the Flyweight Wading Boot back in 2019. The Flyweight Wading Boot is one of my favorite lightweight wading boots — read our Flyweight Wading Boot review here — and it’s our top lightweight pick in our guide to the best wading boots.

This review photo shows the Simms Flyweight Wading Boot for men.
The Simms Flyweight Wading Boot is our favorite lightweight wading boot.

The Flyweight Wading Boots have been a popular addition for Simms, and it led to an even lighter Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe. Fast forward to 2021 and Simms has dropped a ton of new ‘Flyweight’ gear.

The Flyweight collection centers around two things to make it easier for fly fishers to hike to less pressured fish and cover water more easily:

First, the fishing gear is focused on lightweight mobility.

Second, the Flyweight collection delivers innovative modularity to let anglers customize how they pack their gear and manage their fly fishing accessories.

To make the new gear modular and customizable, Simms is using a new attachment system that lets you connect fishing packs, pods, net holders, and other gear to larger fishing backpacks and hip belts — and even to the front of the new Flyweight stockingfoot waders.

Enter the 5.11 HEXGRID Attachment Platform

This photo shows a close up of the HEXGRID material used in the Simms Flyweight fly fishing gear collection.
The new HEXGRID attachment system lets you add accessories and pouches at multiple angles.

A key component of the new Flyweight series is use of 5.11’s HEXGRID gear attachment system. It works similar to PALS/MOLLE webbing systems, but the hexagonal design of the HEXGRID lets you tilt pods and pouches for easier access.

To attach a pod to the HEXGRID, you can weave the webbing to create a snug and secure attachment both vertically and at angles.

The Flyweight Lineup

Here are some of the key components of the Simms Flyweight collection of products:

Flyweight Stockingfoot Wader

This photo shows the Simms men's Flyweight Stockingfoot Wader.The new Simms Flyweight Stockingfoot Wader features the waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX fabric construction we expect to see in Simms’ Made-in-America waders, but Simms adds new GORE-TEX PRO Stretch panels. You’ll find the GORE-TEX PRO Stretch in the crotch gusset, which should help when you’re scrambling up and down steep banks and over logs. Simms also includes a zippered underarm gusset that lets you unzip the sides of the wader if you want a bit more torso freedom. The side gussets also zip up to reduce torso wader volume when you’re on the water and want a trimmer fit.

The 5.11 HEXGRID carry system on the front panel lets you attach Flyweight accessories, which also works as a large stuff pocket. Simms also added a zippered stash pocket behind it.

Flyweight Fishing Backpack

This photo shows the Simms Flyweight Fishing Backpack.The new 32-liter Simms Flyweight Fishing Backpack is constructed with 420-denier CORDURA and a lightweight 210-denier nylon ripstop. The pack features a large primary compartment with vertical stretch mesh sleeves. Simms included a waist belt to help carry heavier loads. The pack also features, of course, a 5.11 HEXGRID panel for Flyweight accessories.

Check out the entire Simms Flyweight Collection, including more pack options!

Flyweight Hip Hybrid System

This photo shows the Simms Hip Hybrid System fly fishing waist pack.The Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid System is also built with tough 420-denier CORDURA and lightweight 210-denier nylon ripstop. As a system, the package includes the Flyweight Large Pod, Flyweight Bottle Holster, and the Flyweight Tech Utility Belt. Note: If you get this system, you might want to add the Flyweight Net Holster accessory for your fly fishing net.

Flyweight Shell Fishing Jacket

This photo shows the Simms Flyweight Shell Jacket.The new waterproof and breathable Simms Flyweight Shell Fishing Jacket is constructed with 2-layer GORE-TEX PACLITE PLUS, making it lightweight and packable.

Flyweight Accessories

This photo shows the Simms Flyweight Net Holster.Simms has created a handful of Flyweight accessories so far, most notably two Flyweight Pod sizes, a Utility Belt to build your own system, and the Flyweight Net Holster — check out the full Flyweight Collection at Simms to learn more.

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