This photo shows a hunter using the Maven C.4 15x56 binoculars outside with a tripod.

Maven Intros New C.4 Binoculars for Big Country Glassing

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Maven has launched a pair of new C-series binoculars aimed at mountain hunts in big country that demand high-powered optics.

The new Maven C.4 binos come in 15×56 and 18×56. They are the kind of binocular you use for picking apart far-off terrain — and identifying the maturity of the animal you’re going after . . . before you commit to a multi-mile move.

Maven already offers 15x and 18×56 binoculars in its high-end B.5 series, but the Wyoming-based company saw a spot for a more affordable option for the niche-focused size.

This photo shows a closeup of a hunter using the Maven C.4 15x56 binoculars on a tripod.
While the C.4 binoculars are light enough to hold, many hunters will utilize a tripod to keep them steady during long glassing sessions.

“With the C.4 we wanted to expand the C Series with a larger, more powerful optic that provides stronger performance at long distances,” says Brendon Weaver, Maven Co-founder and Head of Design and Marketing. “We’re confident the final design accomplished that and we’re excited to offer it at the great value Maven is known for.”

Coming in at $700 and $725, the new C.4 binoculars are less than half the cost of the B.5s.

At 45.1 ounces, they’re light enough to use for quick scans, but many hunters will likely pair them with a tripod or pickup window mount to help keep them steady for long glassing sessions.


Basic Specs

This is a product photo of the new Maven C.4 binoculars.
Maven offers the new C.4 series in 15×56 and 18×56.

Maven reports that its new C.4 binoculars use a Schmidt-Pechan prism with dielectric coatings for optimal light transmission, extra-low dispersion glass to minimize chromatic aberration, and scratch and oil resistant lenses.

The polymer frame is lightweight and waterproof/fog proof. As noted above, the C.4 series is tripod mountable.

In the 15×56, the glass and coatings deliver an impressive 92.07% light transmission — which is just barely under the B.5’s 92.90%.

In the 15×56, the field of view at 1,000 yards is 215′ — which isn’t quite as nice as the B.5’s 236′ — but that’s hardly a deal-breaker for the price point.

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Outstanding Value

The Maven direct-to-consumer business model is all about delivering high-quality optics at very compettive price-to-value ratios. The Maven C-series hits the sweet spot for many hunter budgets.

We’ve hunted with and reviewed several of Maven’s C and B-series binoculars, and all have been excellent. Check out these reviews for more detail:


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