This image shows a photo of the components of the Outdoor Edge ButcherLite.
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Outdoor Edge ButcherLite Kit Review

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The Outdoor Edge ButcherLite is an 8-piece big-game processing kit. It includes all the gear you need to completely field dress an elk or deer, if not bone or quarter the animal far off the beaten path.

This is a pretty straightforward review: The Outdoor Edge ButcherLite has a fantastic price-to-value ratio and includes three very serviceable knives with decent steel. We like it so much it’s in our guide to the 45 Best Gifts for Hunters.

Let’s take a closer look at the ButcherLite kit.

Outdoor Edge ButcherLite Kit Review

If you’re the kind of hunter who doesn’t like to outsource game processing . . . or likes to hunt in roadless areas that require you to pack out the animal you harvest, the Outdoor Edge ButcherLite kit is worth a look.

This photo shows the contents of the Outdoor Edge ButcherLite big game processing kit.
The Outdoor Edge ButcherLite comes with three knives, a saw, rib spreader, knife sharpener, gloves and a roll-pack/scabbard case.

If I’m close enough to the pickup where I think I’ll just quarter an elk or deer, I’ll leave the ButcherLite in the pickup. If I’m going in deeper — but not so far away that I start counting ounces in my backpack — I’ll take the ButcherLite with me. If you use an ATV to hunt, which I occasionally do depending on the location — having the ButcherLite offers some peace of mind.

Of course, I can quarter an entire elk with just a single knife, so the ButcherLite isn’t technically necessary. It is, however handy.

The Caper knife has a great shape that makes fine work a bit easier. The Skinner has a rounded edge that makes skinning a bit easier, along with the gut-hook. The Boning/Fillet knife is particularly useful when you have a long pack out and want to completely bone out your harvest in the woods.

This photo shows the contents of the Outdoor Edge ButcherLite included sharpener.
The included sharpener is easy to use and works well.

Back at home, you could process an elk or deer with this kit, but you may want to add a longer blade if you’re slicing large steaks. Incidentally, the Outdoor Edge Game Processor kit includes a longer knife — and that kit, too, is also a great buy (review here).

How about the sharpness and steel? Out of the box, the Outdoor Edge knives are surprisingly sharp, especially for the affordable price point. Outdoor Edge uses a full-tang blade forged from 420J2 stainless steel. It’s not particularly hard steel, but I think it does a great job of holding a decent edge long enough to get some work done. Then, when it needs a sharpening touch-up, the included knife sharpener does the trick.

The rubber handles are comfortable and easy to hold, even when wet.

The included tungsten carbide sharpener makes it easy to sharpen a knife on the go. Better yet, even inexperienced hunters can use this sharpener with ease. Out of curiosity, I used it to touch up a dull RazorBlaze RazorLite blade. You could extend the life of the replaceable RazorLite blades if you needed to in a pinch.

Outdoor Edge ButcherLite Kit Review: The Roll Pack

The included roll pack lets you store the kit, as well as safely toss it into a duffle bag or hunting pack. For more serious work off the beaten path — or in the garage for some hunters — the roll pack converts into a belt scabbard. I personally haven’t found a real need for the scabbard, but I like the idea.

The included wood/bone saw works well for cutting through a pelvic bone. For me, it’s the kind of tool you want when you’re stuck in the brush or it’s hot and you need to cut a cross beam so you can air-cool meat. If you’re looking for an even lighter kit, try the Outdoor Edge WildLite — it includes a smaller sharpener and just the three main knives.

All-in-all, the Outdoor Edge ButcherLite includes the tools you need to initially process an elk, deer or moose in the field. These are not high-end knives, but the overall quality is solid enough to satisfy the vast majority of hunters. More importantly, the price-to-value ratio makes the ButcherLite an excellent buy. Highly recommended.

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